So, bad news: Spell Checkers has been held up at the distributor level and will not be in stores today. This is very frustrating for all of us, as we've been waiting a long time to see the finished product on the stands.

We are assured Careless Whisper will street next Wednesday, on Mischief Night, the day before Halloween.

In the meantime, if you either can't wait or are generally a digital reader, you can get the book through ComiXology for a mere $5.99. No distributor there, just us. (And, FYI, if you buy comics on the site rather than through the app, Apple doesn't get a cut, and the rest of us get more!)

Jesse drowns her sorrows.

Also, I'm being told that it looks like A Boy and a Girl will be a week or two late due to a longer shipping time from the printer than expected. At this point, I just wish someone would take a two-by-four to my head. 

Current Soundtrack: Katy Perry, Prism  (though I doubt I'll make it all the way through)