The reviews are in, and The Double Life of MIranda Turner is getting a really strong response.

Here is a quartet of thoughtful, positive write-ups.

Sam LeBas,

There is definite promise in this new series. “The Double Life of Miranda Turner” is bright, playful, and full of intention. It seems to celebrate the joy of escapism that super hero comics can represent, while balancing a modern sensibility that makes its content relevant.

 Greg McElhatton, Comic Book Resources

"The Second Life of Miranda Turner" #1 is a real winner. Read it for the crazy heroics, the hinted-at fully-developed backstory, the gorgeous art, or even just the warm affection between sisters Miranda and Lindy.

Dan Pennacchia,

The first issue accomplishes so many things in subtle ways, maximizing its length to impressive levels. Readers learn about the protagonist and her sister through some pretty natural sounding interactions between the two...All the while, George Kambadais surrounds the interactions with incredibly energetic visuals. 

Dustin Cabeal, Comic Book Bastards

I really dig the art style. George Kambadais draws an impressive amount of Lego…I mean that. Otherwise I really liked the character designs and the overall look of the world. It’s bright and vibrant and looks like a superhero cartoon.

The second issue is due in early December, and you can still download the first one now

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