Wow. We did it. Nine episodes in nine weeks.

Our finale is one of the best we've done, which is why we saved it for last. Michael Allred and I having a chat about all kinds of crazy topics. Particularly tune in for Part III when we move into his studio and take a look through his most recent pages (at least at the time), including Batman '66 covers and FF interiors. 

There is also a little bonus there: Mike and the Gear performing a Dandy Warhols song.

Links to the second and third parts follow the episode, but here they are for your easy access: Part II - Part III

Other links: 

My reprinted introduction from Madman Atomic Comics vol. 1

A gallery of Paul Pope drawing Allred characters

Oh, and hey: It Girl and the Atomics vol. 1 available for digital download for only $4.99! That's 2/3 off! (Sale ends December 2nd.)

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