A comment left on my Anchorman 2 review, presented here without further embellishment.

For you to say that anyone that doesn't enjoy Anchorman or Will Ferrell films are joyless, humorless individuals is merely your opinion. it is also an opinion that is just as closeminded as to say all Will Ferrell films are pointless. I am someone who enjoys a good laugh as much as anyone else, but there is a fine line between comedy and complete idiocy. I have nothing against Will Ferrell, I just think he has made some pretty poor choices with some of the characters he has created in some of the films he has starred in. Largely because they all tend to be exactly the same, arrogant, self-important blow-hard with delusions of adequacy, and most of the time tend to possess the maturity of a 5-year-old. that is not interesting nor is it funny, but that's my opinion. I enjoyed 'La Casa de Mi Padre', which I think is Will Ferrell's BEST FILM! Why, because he showed range, depth, pathos as well as humor. He played a character I actually liked and made a film that was genuinely funny, because it wasn't trying to be so over-the-top it falls over the other side of the comedy wall. I just don't think the Anchorman films are funny, they're stupid, and idiotic and in my humble opinion, only cater to the lowest common denominator. But you seem to have no sense of humility, and seem to have the same overinflated sense of self-importance as Will Ferrell's character, especially since you have the boldfaced effrontery to end your review by saying that people who don't go out to see this film deserve to stay home and be terrible. That, in my view, makes you a complete and utter disgrace to your profession and does not show an ounce of professionalism whatsoever. If you enjoyed the film, fine, I'm glad you enjoyed it. But you have NO RIGHT to accuse other people who don't enjoy it of being terrible people, or of being joyless and humorless.