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A Boy and a Girl made #3 on Panel Patter's favorite books of 2013. 

This book is exactly why I keep my favorites lists open until Christmas every year. Delayed from its original release date, this one won't get a lot of Best-of love, but it should. Rich blends the strengths of a relationship comic into the philosophical nature of what makes us human in a near future tale that delights as well as surprises, without a single gotcha moment. Meanwhile, Nourigat's art tells us so much about the world of the title characters, leaving Rich free to use his dialogue for other things. She changes styles as needed, using exaggeration in just the right places and showing a deep bench of creative influences. Oni Press might have reclaimed their Relationship Comics title belt with this one.

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It's not the only high-ranking pick we got. USA Today asked romance novelists for their favorite love stories of the year, and Gayla Twist, author of Broom with a View, gave Natalie and I a shout.

This is actually a graphic novel, sci-fi romance. There's more to it than you expect and you find yourself caught up in the story.

We also got an incredible review from Comics Should Be Good.

In a comics world where romances are often few and far between, it’s nice to see one so well done. A Boy and a Girl is a beautiful love story that manages to do some new things with an old format, which is always a good thing. Rich creates such fascinating characters and allows them free rein to explore not only their feelings, but the way people act in general, and Nourigat does a marvelous job bringing them to life. This is one of the best graphic novels I’ve read this year, and I hope it leads to even bigger and better things for the creators. That would be nice.

Yes, it would. Yes, it would.

And finally, Lit/Rant knows exactly how to compliment me:

A Boy and a Girl is a very neat little morality play with a twist, in the fine tradition of Rod Serling. In fact, it would make a very nice episode of The Twilight Zone, but as it is, it’s a fine graphic novel.

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