Welcome to my new website. 

It's been years since I had a basic, functioning site to call my own. This should be my regular home from now on, and this here will be my new blog. The old one is archived over at Blogger, but as you will see, it is old and rickety and a change was in order.

I doubt my frequency of updates will increase, but you never know. Not that you don't have access to my more regular ramblings. You can follow me on Twitter as @jamieESrich or keep up with my viewing/listening/reading habits via http://confessions123midi.tumblr.com/

Note that one of the major new features is my ability to sell books direct through my store. I will also start helping Natalie Nourigat sell her original artwork, so keep an eye on her tab up above.

That's it for now...let's see how this first post looks.

Current Soundtrack: Phoenix, "Trying to Be Cool"