I didn't review any major release films this week, but I did just complete going through two major groups of old classics.

The first set of films is "The Solitude Trilogy," a trio of thematically linked movies by director Roberto Rossellini that star Ingrid Bergman. This is of particular note to Portlanders, because you can see all three of them this weekend at the NW Film Center. The movies in question are:

 * Stromboli

* Europe '51 

* Journey to Italy 

 Links to the full schedule are at the bottom of each review.

I also did round-up of the whole series in my Oregonian column, which additionally includes reviews of the recent Chinese drama Beijing Flickers and the documentary A Girl and a Gun.  Read the whole column now


I've also been working through the Eclipse boxed set Masaki Kobayashi Against the System. You can see my aggregate review of the whole box at DVD Talk, or check them out individually via these links:

* The Thick-Walled Room 

* I Will Buy You 

* Black River 

 The Inheritance 


Remember, if any of these movies sound interesting to you and you buy them through an Amazon link on this blog or over at Criterion Confessions--or buy anything once you've clicked through on my link--I literally get pennies back for your purchase! Pennies! (But hey, it all adds up...and I appreciate it.)

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