I was pretty worried about people being disappointed in It Girl and the Atomics #12, but so far the response has been very enthusiastic. 

Robot 6 named the issue "Best of the Week." 

 Newsarama said: "Sadly though, this is the last issue of It Girl and The Atomics. Rich broke the news earlier in the year and here, he was given the chance to wrap everything up with his rotating team of artists - and is done oh so nicely."

And Comic Bastards maintained their awesome support: " Well it’s over…I’m bummed, but it was a hell of a ride."

The love the series has received over the last year has been nothing short of fantastic. I thank all of you who came along with us on our comic book adventure--and hope more will do the same. The trade is still in production and should be out late September. A few more pin-ups are set to roll in.  

I got this amazing drawing from Christopher Mitten, an old and dear friend, today. So much pretty.


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