So, Rose City Comic Con is this weekend, and I am a special guest. 

I'll be there both days, at table E-01, selling books and chatting and other such shenanigans. My table is right next to Joëlle Jones, so you can meet us both at the same time.

I'll also be part of the panel for From the Gutters, which is happening on Saturday, 2 p.m., in room 4. Joe Keatinge has agreed to come and moderate the event for us, and we have a couple of special guests lined up, likely to be announced...edit: here it is!

Joining us special for the panel are legendary Legendary Comics editor Bob Schreck and Mage/Grendel creator Matt Wagner! Tell 'em more, Joe...!

I've also added a signing at the Oni Press table at 5:00 pm on Saturday. If you can't find me at my own spot, we'll be there! They might also have more of my prose works, I don't have stock on a lot of the earlier books. 


For those looking to party the night before, Oni Press is hosting a kick-off shindig at the White Owl in Portland, and I'll be DJing under my Icky Animal monicker. It'll be the usual mix of Britpop and soul and whatever else I have on my hard drive. Details are on Facebook

 Current Soundtrack: Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic discussing In Utero  on NPR