A couple more plugs for A Boy and a Girl, my book with the effervescent Natalie Nourigat.

 * First up, Graphic Novel Reporter has included it on their list of "Essential Reading for the Season," their Fall 2013 round-up. 

* The Online Eccentric Librarian gives us a glowing notice. Here is an excerpt:

"A Boy and a Girl is a deceptively simple premise: Before Sunrise meets Blade Runner.
The plot is intelligently written and definitely worthy of several reads to catch all the nuances a reader may have missed in the first or second reading.
The artwork has clean lines and is two color blue and black/white.  The action is easy to follow and the characters have bright, open, emotional expressions that make the book a joy to read." 

* And Comics Worth Reading gives us her usual thoughtful analysis. Johanna had her problems with the book, but that's a nice, fair review if ever there was one.

"Nourigat’s characters are attractive and expressive.
The 'just like our world but with robots' future is occasionally used to surprise the reader, since she doesn’t know the rules of exactly what exists in that culture."

More details on the Oni Press site for those who need them. 


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