The Lady Killer solicitation is now out there, at least on the digital platforms that Diamond provides retailers; the actual catalogue is in stores on the 29th. 

So, you can start telling your stores you want this book. It's in the Dark Horse Comics section. Give your retailer the order code NOV140021  to make it even easier for them to look it up. 

And for lots more updates on the book, you should follow us on tumblr: Lady Killer comic book

We'll be sharing process stuff, art old and new, and some goodies from our reference files. We're also hoping to showcase fan art and cosplay, and have created a submission option (it's up there in the left-hand corner, in that little menu they kind of hide there). 

Here is our first, a pretty deadly contribution from our buddy Moritat, artist on Elephantmen and All-Star Western, amongst many other things.

Don't let him be the last! :)

Josie from Lady Killer by Moritat.

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