The new Previews catalogue listing all the comics coming out in January is in comic book stores today.

That means Lady Killer #1, co-written by myself and Joëlle Jones, drawn by Joëlle, colored by Laura Allred, lettered by Crank--that's in the catalogue today.

Look for it in the Dark Horse Comics section. Show it to your retailer and tell them you want it. Given them the code NOV140021.

 Or send them this link, it has everything they need to know.

Preordering will be essential for us, so please don't hesitate. We're going to make this book as fun as we can. We're even converting the letters column into an advice column so Josie, our main character, can answer your questions and give etiquette advice.

And now, some more fan art, including a cool doodle from my pal Nicolas Hitori de, who worked on Spell Checkers with Joëlle and I.

We also got these really adorable pieces from a reader. Anne Stinson is an A-#1 fan of comics!

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