More on Lady Killer, as we close in on the final order cut-off. Comic shops need to get their initial orders for the first issue in on December 1, so this Wednesday is your last new comics day to tell them that you're interested in signing on for the series. Diamond's order code is NOV140021. Don't forget, you can download a handy order form right here.

* Those bastards over at Comic Bastards prove a lot nicer than their name suggests, giving the first issue a 5/5 and declaring: "I'm calling it right now: Lady Killer is going to be big." Read their review.

* I'm also reminded that it's been a while since I originally linked to it, so worth taking a look back at the book's launch announcement via Comics Alliance from this past summer.

* Similarly, when was the last time you gave a gander to Joëlle's ad parodies featuring Josie? The Pulp Corner column at Evil Geeks rounds them up.

* Multiversity is looking ahead and chose Lady Killer #2 as one of their top 10 books from Dark Horse in February.

“Brides of Helheim” is really cementing my feeling that Joëlle Jones is one of the most dynamic and versatile artists in comics. She can nail the sweet, emotional aspects while simultaneously delivering you one of the most brutal comics on the stands. That’s why “Lady Killer” sounds like a slam sunk for her, as well. And a great opportunity to see what she can do on the scripting side of things, as well. Something tells me she’s going to rise to the challenge.

* And once again, don't forget to follow the Lady Killer tumblr, where you will see behind-the-scenes work like the sketch below.

You'll also see all the amazing fan art other creators have put together for us. Like this new one from Tyler Crook.

If you don’t know Tyler Crook’s work on BPRD or the phenomenal original graphic novel Petrograd or his fill-ins on The Sixth Gun, you need to remedy that. 

His work is hugely admired around here, and he’s a pretty cool fellow, as well. He's actually got a new book out this Wednesday, November 26: the collection of Bad Blood from Dark Horse, which I've read. It's excellently spooky.

You can buy his original art via Cadence, the same dealer that reps Joëlle.

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