More talk about Lady Killer, including an interview with Joëlle over at Dynamic Forces.

We also got a great advance review from the awesome folks at Rock! Shock! Pop!

There’s a fairly wicked sense of humor behind everything that happens here, not just in the opening ‘hit’ but in the way that Josie is so easily able to get her husband (the bread winner) off her scent but maybe not her old German mother-in-law. It will be interesting to see how that part of the story plays out. There are a few good hooks tossed out in this debut issue that should keep readers interested and wanting to stick with the story to see how it ends – Jones and Rich are in fine form here. There’s a lot of wit and weird creativity but at the same time it feels ‘right’ for the era in which it is set, what with some sexism on the part of the few male characters that have appeared so far.

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You can also read a joint interview with us at Comicosity.

Finally, if you follow the Lady Killer tumblr, you've already scene our first awesome cosplay. That's our friend Bardot posing as Josie. We hope she starts a trend. Don't be afraid to submit your own take on the character. Do it right, in fact, and folks might be afraid of you!

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