LADY KILLER: New reviews and upcoming appearances

We are just a week and a half out from Lady Killer's debut, and more advance word is rolling in. 

Joëlle and I did one more interview over at Big Comic Page.

BCP: There’s definitely some fairly graphic violence in the first issue, but the series also seems to have a steady undercurrent of dark humour throughout. Was it important for you to strike that balance?

JSR: From day one, Joëlle laid out her plan to really go for it with the violence. If I remember right, she mentioned DEXTER as an indicator of how violent. It was important to us both that Josie’s job not be toothless, that people be genuinely surprised to see her do what she does and that it’s not very nice. We both have a pretty wicked sense of humor, you should hang out with us after a couple of drinks when we’re being catty. We both like the macabre. So, you know, a little ADDAMS FAMILY, a little of the AMERICAN PSYCHO movie.

We also have some pretty positive advance reviews.

* Geek Rex:

One thing I really dig about this first issue is the way Jones and Rich go about setting up the story. Rather than use the bait and switch (as I just did in my short description), they go about it from the opposite direction, showing you her clever cunning as she brutally murders a woman and then giving us her cover story and family life. It really lets us jump right in without basing the whole first issue on a twist that we already know is coming. -

Geek Chic Elite:

The combination of writing and artwork accomplish the most important thing; making you interested in the characters. They seemed alive with their facial expression and smartly drawn backgrounds bringing the characters to the forefront even more. The familiar setting for the most part becomes forgotten and pages can go by while you get involved with what’s happening in the panels before your eyes.

We continue to update our Tumblrand also don't forget to come to our January 7 release party at Things from Another World if you are in the Portland area. Joëlle, Laura, and I will all be in attendance, and I am putting together an extensive playlist for the event. 

You can also meet Joëlle at Wizard World Portland on January 23-25 and at Challengers Comics in Chicago on March 20. Original Lady Killer art will be on display at Challengers.

Then we we will both be at Emerald City Comic Con on March 27-29, signing with Dark Horse and probably Oni Press. I'll maybe make an appearance at Image Comics' booth, and also be hanging around Megan Levens' table. I'll post a full schedule once I have it. 

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