Archer Coe & the Thousand Natural Shocks is coming in June. Here's some pertinent info you need to know: 

If you are ordering from your comic book shop, give them the Diamond Order Code FEB141356. You have until May 26 to make sure the preorder is in, but please don't hesitate to let them know early. 

Bookstores will use the ISBN 978-1-620101-21-6. That's also the code librarians will use. If you can, check your local library, see if they have ways to suggest books to order. Tell them this is a good one.

Netgalley folks should have this month and next to grab the book for review. If you use Goodreads or have a book blog, reviews help us a lot. Retailers and journalists looking to see the book, drop me a line at golightly [a] gmail. 

Of course, I like the book, but don't just take my word for it. Here's what some folks you actually respect graciously had to say:

"Noir, hypnotism, murder, twists, double crosses, a femme fatale, masked men, and talking alley cats!  Archer Coe, you reached right into the gaping hole in my chest, and stole my heart."  - Chelsea Cain, author of Kill Me Twice and Let Me Go

“Archer Coe, the Mind's Arrow, is a proto-pulp character as if imagined by David Lynch.  Jamie Rich's noir romanticism and Dan Christensen's deceptive ligne claire style deliver a tale where reality bends across memory to reveal the hypnotic truth in a story that's both delightfully classic and boldly fresh.” - Matt Wagner, creator of Mage and Grendel

"Settling in the uncanny valley between Fantomas and The Spirit, Archer Coe is a stunning who-done-it that seamlessly becomes a kaleidoscopic 'Who am I?' tale.  I read it once, thinking I knew what would happen, then twice, knowing everything I knew was wrong, the eggshell of my brain having been pierced and the hope within having been mysteriously restored." - Glen David Gold, author of Carter Beats the Devil.

“Absolutely terrific.” - David Lloyd, co-creator/artist of V For Vendetta


In celebration of Archer, my choice over at This is My Jam this week is Bobby Vinton's "I Remember You." I listened to a lot of Vinton while writing the script, but this song was the most important. 

Current Soundtrack: The Beatles, Rubber Soul (US Version)