No sooner is the Madame Frankenstein #3 info released, and Comic Book Resources also puts up a new interview with Megan and myself.

Here's a sample:

Levens: Shortly before I presented the idea to Jamie, I'd revisited my old character designs for the monster -- who I'd originally drawn back in my old college sketchbooks, and never done anything with until this book -- and began dressing her in these elegant, old Hollywood gowns and art deco jewelry, sort of as a contrast to her appearance as bald and stitched-together. I liked the contrast of glamorous and gruesome, which was definitely a hallmark of the classic Universal monster films. When we started really digging into the story, keeping it in that period ended up really helping indicate who these people were and how they came to the place they are when the series opens

Read the whole thing right here.

Also, mark you calendars. May 3 is Free Comic Book Day. Not only will I be at Zeus in Dallas, but if you're in the Southern California area, you can meet Megan at Blastoff! Comics in North Hollywood. Here is their Facebook event page.

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