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Archer Coe & the Thousand Natural Shocks: We are more than halfway through the digital serialization. Response has been great.

Sequential Pictures even has a very thorough, albeit spoiler-free, review that includes talk about the $0.99 roll-out.

Archer Coe combines 1940′s noir cinema and the masked adventurer pulps of the same era to great effect. It centers around Archer Coe, a stage hypnotist whose craft is not a parlor trick, but a grander “exchange of information”. His profession and eclectic lifestyle first cast him as belonging to the large pantheon of masked adventurers. Unique abilities, high ideals, and a costume all set the story to be an adventure narrative. By the second issue, it evolves into something that bares a greater resemblance to a Phillip Marlowe novel, than one about Doc Savage.

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Madame Frankenstein: If you'd rather meet Megan Levens than me, I can't blame you. She'll be doing two events in Southern California to promote the book launch.

First, on Saturday, May 2, at Blastoff! in North Hollywood for Free Comic Day: details.

Second, Wednesday, May 7, at Earth-2 in Sherman Oaks: details.

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Comic Front Line had some kind words about the book, too.

As a big fan of women in comics and the original Frankenstein story, I’m looking forward to see how adding a reanimated woman into the lore as the monster will be done. The mood is also supposed to be very reminiscent of classic horror films. Levens describes it by saying: “I've always been strongly drawn to the moody, old-Hollywood glamour of the classic Universal monster films, and I felt that aesthetic would be a perfect match for the elements of horror and romance in this story… 

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