The movie critics over at the Oregonian were asked to choose their five most-anticipated movies of the summer. You can read all the choices over here, but here are mine:

"Night Moves": Kelly Reichardt follows her wandering western "Meek's Cutoff" with a tense drama about eco-terrorists (Dakota Fanning and Jesse Eisenberg). Reichardt's trademark neorealism should mesh well with the set-up's inherent drama. (June 6)

"Edge of Tomorrow": Though Tom Cruise may not be box-office gold anymore, his choices prove increasingly interesting. This adaptation of the Japanese novel "All You Need Is Kill" sees Cruise playing a soldier destined to die and relive the same mission until he gets it right. Plus, Emily Blunt. (June 6)

"Snowpiercer:" South Korea's Bong Joon-ho makes an ambitious English-language debut. Based on a French comic book about a frozen future where mankind lives its last days circling the globe in a giant train, this socio-political, sci-fi action picture looks every bit as strange and exciting as one might expect from the director of "The Host." (June 27)

"A Most Wanted Man": One of the last films to star Philip Seymour Hoffman is another knotted thriller from author John Le CarrĂ©, but this time mixed with the measured cool of filmmaker Anton Corbijn ("The American"). (July)

"Calvary": Powerhouse actor Brendon Gleeson plays a priest who finds himself tested when a man threatens him during confession. "Calvary" reteams Gleeson and John Michael McDonagh, who directed him in the dark comedy "The Guard," a must-see gem from 2011. (August)


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