The movie critics over at the Oregonian were asked to choose their five most-anticipated movies of the summer. You can read all the choices over here, but here are mine:

"Night Moves": Kelly Reichardt follows her wandering western "Meek's Cutoff" with a tense drama about eco-terrorists (Dakota Fanning and Jesse Eisenberg). Reichardt's trademark neorealism should mesh well with the set-up's inherent drama. (June 6)

"Edge of Tomorrow": Though Tom Cruise may not be box-office gold anymore, his choices prove increasingly interesting. This adaptation of the Japanese novel "All You Need Is Kill" sees Cruise playing a soldier destined to die and relive the same mission until he gets it right. Plus, Emily Blunt. (June 6)

"Snowpiercer:" South Korea's Bong Joon-ho makes an ambitious English-language debut. Based on a French comic book about a frozen future where mankind lives its last days circling the globe in a giant train, this socio-political, sci-fi action picture looks every bit as strange and exciting as one might expect from the director of "The Host." (June 27)

"A Most Wanted Man": One of the last films to star Philip Seymour Hoffman is another knotted thriller from author John Le Carré, but this time mixed with the measured cool of filmmaker Anton Corbijn ("The American"). (July)

"Calvary": Powerhouse actor Brendon Gleeson plays a priest who finds himself tested when a man threatens him during confession. "Calvary" reteams Gleeson and John Michael McDonagh, who directed him in the dark comedy "The Guard," a must-see gem from 2011. (August)


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