IT'S TIME TO MOVE YOUR BODY: Madame Frankenstein #2 reviews

Here is a round-up of some of the reviews for our second issue. It's nice to see so many great notices, including so many folks singling out Megan for her art.

The issue has also been added to the webstore, and there are bundles of the series so far, too.

* Sound on Sight: "Megan Levens continues to deliver panel after panel of black and white perfection."

Big Comic Page: "A weird stitching together of revenge, romance, monster movies and My Fair Lady, this is a strange beast."

Fan Girl Nation: "Madame Frankenstein continues to leave the reader with an unsettled stomach, not just over the concept of necrotic tissue reanimated, but for the underlying messages as well. Even in a fractured and resewn body, Gail is a model of slightly marred perfection in the hands of a mad man."

* Horror Talk: "Levens is also able to tell quite a bit from the facial expressions of her characters.  Rich doesn't have to fill every page with dialogue explaining a particular scene when Levens can provide a harsh gaze or innocent glance.  I'd also love to see what her artwork would look like in color."

* Newsarama: "Artist Megan Levens and writer Jamie S. Rich weave in backstory, showing the desperation for approval that drives Vincent’s madness and lengths he’ll go to prove his point. At the same time, Levens makes Gail such a tragic figure through visuals that express her current helplessness, a situation that readers know will inevitably change. Elements evoking the Karloff movie, such as fades to black or movie-set dungeons, mix with societal clashes right out of Fitzgerald as this period horror piece continues to breathe new life into Shelley’s story."

* The Outhousers: "The best thing about the comic overall is undeniably Megan Levens’ art. The black and white inked pages here are often gorgeous and make me yearn for more titles that do away with color. In addition to evoking the original 1930’s monster films like Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein, the lack of colors, along with the use of shadows and negative space, do wonders for the uneasy tone."

And the not so good... Current Soundtrack: Social Distortion, Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell

Capeless Crusader: "Madame Frankenstein #2 struggles to make an impact."

Need to Consume: "It is in essence a Victorian style soap opera with very static set pieces and conversation heavy scenes. I could imagine this as a BBC drama series from the late 80’s. There is a definite potential for the story, once it has found its feet, but at the moment it is dragging itself through the mud."

Current Soundtrack: Social Distortion, Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell