Archer Coe & the Thousand Natural Shocks is now on sale as printed comic!

And so is Madame Frankenstein #3. 

I have another interview discussing both books, and a bunch of my other stuff, over at Broken Frontier. Read my conversation with Tyler Chin-Tanner right here.

Newsarama also gave Archer Coe a pretty solid review of 8 out of 10.

Up and comer Dan Christensen was a perfect choice for a book like this. Right off the bat, you're going to notice Christensen's sophisticated simplistic style, shaded gloriously in grayscale for that extra touch of noir. His cartooning nature and storytelling abilities are the big win here. His linework being a cross between something like Andrew MacLean and Darwyn Cooke, his handling of busy club scenes and intimate moments gives the book it's noir/old school pulp feel that it deserves.

And then there is this piece on Madame Frankenstein #3 from Unleash the Fanboy.

Likewise, Backwards Compatible chimes in on Madame Frankenstein #3:

The way Jamie S. Rich is drawing in themes from science to class is an intriguing part of the series. It mirrors the complexity of Mary Shelley’s original work albeit in a shortened form. Thankfully for the modern storyteller a picture is able to tell a thousand words and he is supported in this fact by the art from Megan Levens. 

The art has the same level of depth and detail that we have seen in the previous issues. The expressive nature of the characters is put at the centre of most panels and helps make this story feel like the character study it really is. 

Madame Frankenstein is a story that deserves your attention; it is well crafted and has a human focus that other stories sometimes fail to deliver.

I am sure more reviews are to come. Both comics are also available on Comixology. Go here to my author's page

You can also get a multi-format DRM-free option for digital downloads of Madame Frankenstein directly from Image Comics.

Panels from Madame Frankenstein #3

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