Lucy, a brainless sci-fi actioner featuring Scarlett Johansson as a woman unlocking the potential of "cerebral capacity." Yet another in a long line of stinkers from Luc Besson.

Magic in the Moonlight, Woody Allen's new romantic comedy featuring Colin Firth as a magician and Emma Stone as a spiritualist in 1930s France.

A Most Wanted Man, the last film from Philip Seymour Hoffman is also the latest from Anton Corbijn, and it's a pretty fantastic spy movie to boot.

Who is Dayani Cristal? is the question posed in this documentary about the journey of illegal immigrants from Honduras.

For those Portlanders not going to Comic-Con this weekend, you can create your own mini convention by seeing the original Tim Burton Batman movie and the 1940s Superman cartoons.

Or you can catch the special screening of documentary Mending the Line, about a WWII vet returning to France to fish their rivers.


The Big Chill, the 1980s nostalgic ensemble drama requires a little nostalgia for the 1980s to get through.

Lola, the debut feature from Jacques Demy is a multi-tiered drama. The first in the new Criterion boxed set The Essential Jacques Demy

The Scalphunters, a later 1960s race-driven western directed by Sydney Pollack, starring Burt Lancaster.

Six by Sondheim, a documentary about composer Stephen Sondheimbuilding an image of his life around six of his most important tunes.

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