So, David Schulner is the writer of the Image Comics series Clone and also the creator of the TV shows The Oaks and Do No Harm.

He did an interview about Clone this week, and buried in there is some interesting news.

CV: Not everything is ending for you though. You have a pretty exciting project coming up for Universal Television. What can you tell us about that?

DS: Damn, you're breaking a lot of stories here Mat. I'm adapting Jamie Rich's andDan Christensen's Archer Coe and The Thousand Deadly Shocks put out by ONI Press.

CV: How did you land this gig?

DS: ONI actually pitched the book to me. How about them apples? As soon as they told me the premise I was hooked and knew it'd make a great series. And when I read it I was blown away.

More in the link.

We're in the wayyyyyyyy early stages so far, but David's treatment was pretty fantastic. It was totally weird reading someone else's take on a character I came up with, but when I switch gears and look at it as a fan, it's pretty awesome. 

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