We've had some pretty good reactions to Madame Frankenstein #4.

The Outhousers gives us high marks, saying:

Madame Frankenstein is unique in that it’s in black and white, a twist on an old flavor and genuinely engrossing. Rich and Levens have taken the skeleton of a classic and added their own muscle, brain and most of all, heart. 

While the Coming Up Comics Blog ranks us 9/10:

Megan Levens’ art is downright beautiful to look at. At first glance, you would assume that the panels were easy for her to create, but look closer. Everything on the page has very fine detail as she is building this world around you. She’s also able to make her characters display deep levels of emotion from just the expression on their faces. At a time when colored artwork leaps off the page, it takes a very strong talent to pull of black-and-white panels without action to draw a reader in, and Levens does it so well.

Then Multiversity went ahead and gave us glowing praise and a score of 8.5:

“Madame Frankenstein” is a real hidden gem among all the other excellent Image Comics series. It adapts a classic story in a wholly unique way without losing the essence of it. Gail’s journey is coming to and end soon but it’s a great ride getting to this point.

And Feminism/geekery makes the issue one of their picks of the week:

Between the carnivale, burlesque dancers, and speak-easy, it’s everything I wish my first public outing could have been. Of course there’s bound to be trouble when taking your pet monster out for the first time, but who cares?

Also look for a couple of plugs here in the "140 Chracter Reviews" at Comics Bulletin.

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