Madame Frankenstein #5 is on sale today. The one where the monster goes to a Jazz Age party. You can find it in your favorite comic book store.

Digital versions include Comixology and also from the publisher.

The issue got a really fantastic review from Johanna Draper Carlson over Comics Worth Reading.

The craft is outstanding, with Jamie S. Rich’s dialogue revealing so much in just a few sentences, and Megan Levens’ art delineating the cast wonderfully. The slender Gail is perfectly suited for the fashions of the period, nicely done details, and she contrasts in more than one way with the plumper, earthier showgirl Linda.

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And then hop over to the Coming Up Comics blog for their review:

Jamie and Megan have created this story that reads like a play. It’s getting you invested in these characters to the point where you wish you could just ask them all to stop before something bad happens. The bad happening seems all but inevitable at this point however. Like I said in my past reviews, it’s very rare for me, while reading a story, to have so many conflicting emotions and they’ve all happened in only five issues.

If you’re a fan of great storytelling and wonderful artwork that will transport you back in time you must go get this.

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More informative, maybe, is Unleash the Fanboy who makes sure we know that Megan blows

your mind.

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