* Evergreen: The Road to Legalizationa documentary about passing the marijuana law in Washington last year. (I pair it with the new Trailer Park Boys movie, subtitled Don't Legalize It. Though, that movie's pretty much absolutely terrible.)

The Last of Robin Hood, an attempt to dramatize and normalize the final romance of Errol Flynn. Starring Kevin Kline and Susan Sarandon.

Love is Strange, particularly for two older men (John Lithgow and Alfred Molina) whose lives take some unexpected turns after they are married. Plus, Marisa Tomei (my favorite).

Plus, Portlanders can see Robert Altman and Robin Williams' Popeye on the big screen at Saturday and Sunday matinees.


Bicycling with Molierean engaging week of arguing theater with two older French actors.

Une chambre en villeone of Jacques Demy's later musicals.

Cotton Comes to Harleman energetic 1970 blaxploitation picture from Ossie Davis.

* Magnificent Doll, a boring biography of Dolly Madison, starring Ginger Rogers as the first lady.

The Party, an hilarious shindig with Peter Sellers.

That's My Man, a plodding melodrama with Don Ameche as a horse owner with a gambling problem. 

Vengeance Is Mine, revisiting Shohei Imamura's true crime picture on Blu-ray.

Current Soundtrack: Tricky, Adrian Thaws