American SniperClint Eastwood's uneven, politically muddled Oscar-nominated feature. Go for Bradley Cooper and the combat, hit the restroom during the "drama."

BlackhatMichael Mann fails to make his fascination with hackers interesting onscreen. Hemsworth fizzles in a zero-thrills thriller.

Adding to the disappointment, I reviewed the Patricia Highsmith adaptation The Two Faces of January on Blu-ray, and despite a fine cast--Oscar Isaac, Kirsten Dunst, Viggo Mortensen--found the con-man tale to lack passion.

Special Portland screenings prove more interesting.

* A trio of Robert Altman: The Long Goodbye, 3 Women, and the documentary tribute Altman. You can also read my longer review of the 3 Women Criterion Blu-ray

* Heaven and Earth Magica rare showing of an obscure 1960s animated feature from Harry Smith

Why so serious, Thor...?

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