On sale today is the digital-only The Double Life of Miranda Turner #5.

If you haven't tried the book yet, entry is cheap. You can get the whole series so far for just under $5.

Or you can just jump in now.

Because that's what Steve Strout did.

First off, I really enjoyed the writing. Written by Jamie Rich,  it seems like the book is aimed at a younger audience, but the story is well written and brilliantly illustrated enough to keep me interested, though more than a few have referred to me as a big kid. This is definitely a "fun for all ages" story.
The art in this book is bold, colorful, and right to the point. The art isn't over done, and it absolutely compliments the writing. I think artist, George Kambadais tells the story in his drawing, perfectly!

Here is a preview of the book's opening. Just click on the images to scroll through the gallery.

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