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For those looking to hear arguments in favor of the book...

Our editor, Scott Allie, spends a lot of time talking about Lady Killer in this recent interview with Bleeding Cool. The site also gives a tremendous review to #2.

And Joëlle has her own chat with Graphic Policy.

Plus a couple more reviews:

Doomrocket includes us in their weekly round-up

The attention to period detail is very appreciated, and only makes the story more engaging. (In a period piece, there’s nothing worse than getting pulled out of a story because someone’s hair or costume or makeup is incorrect: no such problems arise here.) Aesthetically, even Jones’ art style fits with the era, at times reminiscent of the gorgeous fashion illustration of the time. This is simply well-crafted and entertaining fiction: the only fault to find with it is its brevity as a five-issue mini-series, and that only three more installments remain. (My fingers are certainly crossed for more.)

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