Lady Killer #3 lands in comic book shops this week: Wednesday, March 4. The 2nd printing of #2 is also being released this week. 

Joëlle and I had a nice chat with Comics Alliance about the book, and she showed off the cover process for the issue. Scroll through to see the different stages.

And you can also look through a sneak preview of five pages, right here.

The series got a neat shout-out from Nuke the Fridge, who would like to see cosplay of Josie. We agree!

One of my new favorite comic characters comes from Dark Horse Comics’ Lady Killer. Josie is a hit-woman by night and a house wife and mother by day. She has a great look to her and a great story. She has a few different outfits to her which all look great, so any one of them would be a cool cosplay to see.

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Because there you would have already seen this neat piece of fan art from our friend Monica Gallagher, whose on book Part-Time Princesses is coming soon from Oni Press.