The second part of "Integer City" is released next week in Dark Horse Presents #31.

Dark Horse just solicited the penultimate chapter for March, and the issue has a gorgeous cover by none other than Michael Wm. Kaluta, who did a swell "Carson of Venus" cover for me back in the days when I was editing DHP.

Eisner and Harvey Award Winner: Best Anthology!
Dark Horse Presents #34
Christopher Sebela (W), Dean Motter (W/A), Dennis Culver (W/A), Rich Johnston (W), Darrin Grimwood (W), Brendan McCarthy (W/A), Jamie S. Rich (W), Justin Aclin (W), Michael T. Gilbert (W/A), Mike Baron (W), Kel McDonald (W/A), Brian Churilla (A), Simon Rohrmüller (A), Brent Schoonover (A), Nicolás Daniel Selma (A), Steve Rude (A), and Michael Kaluta (Cover)

On sale Mar 19
FC, 80 pages

Dennis Culver delivers seaside high jinks in Davey Jones and the Mystery of the Monocle Men, Justin Aclin and Nicolás Daniel Selma’s S.H.O.O.T. First is back in action against secular threats, Kel McDonald takes you on a balloon ride in Across the Channel, and Mike Baron and Steve Rude complete their long-running Nexus story “Into the Past”! 

• Plus, new installments of Cruel Biology, Mister X, Integer City, The Deleted, Miss Cranbourne, and Mr. Monster!

“Dark Horse’s prestigious anthology series . . . showcases emerging talent alongside some of the greatest writers, artists and cartoonists comics has to offer, as well as promising new and underground talents.”—ComicsAlliance 

“Comics’ best kept secret trove of great comics.”—Comic Book Resources

The whole serial is in the can. The team, as ever, is Brent Schoonover on art, Jean-Francois Beaulieu crushing it on covers, and Crank! lettering it up all nice and readable.

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