It Girl and  the Atomics #11 is coming out on Wednesday, 6/19. I am tempted to call it the "penultimate" issue because this is the first time I have actually knowingly had a penultimate issue, but this way, I can be a total vocab geek and pretend like I'm not.

#11 is the conclusion of the two- part "Tweenage FBI" storyline, drawn by Natalie Nourigat, with colors by Allen Passalqua, letters by Crank!, and a cover from Michael & Laura Allred. A preview has hit the web, and I am posting the cover and  pages below.

I'm really happy with this issue. The villain reveal here was not entirely planned. It was a solution that came up in the outline stage and which surprised me, so this opening sequence is one of my favorites. (Orson Welles fans may recognize a connection to F For Fake .)

The comic will be available in comic book stores, on Comixology, and also in the store here on the site.

We should be getting Natalie's artwork in the store on the site starting this weekend, but in the meantime, if there are any It Girl pages you want to buy (or Between Gears , for that matter), drop me a line and I can give you dibs. E-mail is golightly [a] gmail [dot] com

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