I've been waiting to mention this, and it appears the news is now out: beginning in Dark Horse Presents #30, shipping in November, Brent Schoonover and I will be collaborating on a six-part Integer City serial, colored by Jean-Francois Beaulieu and lettered by Crank!

Dark Horse's website describes the series thusly: 

Sixties sci-fi meets a hard-boiled detective mystery in Jamie S. Rich and Brent Schoonover’s Integer City!

 You can see the full details of what will be in the issue on their site.

Here is the issue's cover: 


I'm particularly excited to be in another comic with Stan Sakai! 

Here's a sneak peek at a couple of finished pages. 

It's kind of funny that November will be the month where both my story about youthful love in the future (A Boy and a Girl) and my comic about a grizzled old private detective dealing with too much change (Integer City) will debut.

By the way, some readers might remember Integer Cityas the comic book from Bobby Pins & Mary Janes. That is definitely where it began life, though this is a different tale than was described in the novel. (Which you can still read here.)

DHP #s30-35 will be available in comic book stores and via Dark Horse's digital app.

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