There have been some updates to my shop on this site.

I've added a couple of limited items: 

* one complete set of the original Love the Way You Love issues

* A bundle with my second The Everlasting and the last copies of my self-published short story "Chevelu."

I only just got a box of The Everlasting back in stock, and so it seemed a good way to start off. They will be in the store indefinitely on their own, but this is the last chance to get "Chevelu" in this format.


Original color file for the The Everlasting cover, art by Chynna Clugston Flores.

I also sold most of my It Girl and the Atomic #1s at Rose City Comic Con, so each of the bundles with the first five issues is now limited to one more sale. That's all I have left!

I expect my copies of the second It Girl trade paperback any day now, and as soon as they are here, I will have them up on the site. If I can get them up in the next couple of days, I'll take preorders to mail for arrival on release day, next Wednesday, October 2nd.

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