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Jamie S. Rich and a cadre of artists top off their acclaimed year-long run on the It Girl and the Atomics series with the second trade paperback collection. It Girl and the Atomics, Round Two: The World is Flat collects issues #7 through #12, drawn by Mike Norton (Revival) and Natalie Nourigat (The Thrillling Adventure Hour), with a special spooktacular appearance by Chynna Clugston Flores. The book will be published by Image Comics on October 2, 2013.

It Girl originally appeared in Michael Allred’s late 1990s comics series The Atomics, and later as a cast member in Madman Atomic Comics. This is her first solo series, as well as the first fully sanctioned Madman spin-off. It Girl’s superpowers are that she can touch any object and adopt its attributes, becoming “it.”

“I’m extremely proud of the work we did on these comics,” Rich said. “The series garnered what are so far the best reviews of my career, and it’s become the first thing people want to talk to me about when I’m at conventions. Having the whole thing together in two complete books is extremely gratifying. It’s a great way to end the project, and we want to reward our readers by giving them a special package.

In addition to all the stories from the individual comics, It Girl and the Atomics also has all the cover art by the original creators of It Girl, Madman masterminds Michael and Laura Allred. Bonus content includes brand-new pin-ups by Brian Churilla, Ming Doyle, Megan Levens, George Kambadais, Monica Gallagher, Brennan Wagner, Mike Russell, Christopher Mitten, and pioneering indie cartoonist Matt Wagner (MageGrendel).  The introduction was written by Eric M. Esquivel, writer of Freelancers for Boom! Studios.

“The support from our friends and colleagues on this one was tremendous,” Rich continued. “I think in a few years time, people will look back at the pin-up gallery and be shocked by what an impressive and varied list of people it is. Lots of up-and-comers in there with the more established professionals.”

It Girl and the Atomics, Round Two: The World is Flat collects six issues, but it’s made up of several shorter stories. “After the first trade paperback’s long, continuous narrative, I wanted to write superhero adventures that were done in one or two issues. Like most soap opera capes-and-cowls comics, there are still bits and pieces that connect them all, but the intention was to allow any new reader to jump in at just about anytime and go along with what we were doing. Really, you can read The World is Flat without ever having glanced at Dark Streets, Snap City and know what’s going on.

It Girl and the Atomics, Round Two: The World is Flat will be released by Image Comics on October 2. It has 168 color pages, retails for $14.99, and sports an all-new cover by Michael & Laura Allred.

Diamond ID: JUL130455

ISBN: 978-1607067917

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