So, from what I was told yesterday, presses are about to run on A Boy and a Girl for an advance printing, ahead of its November release. Preorder it in comics shops with the Diamond Order Code: JUL131213 or in bookstores, ISBN: 978-1620100899.

Natalie Nourigat and I are very excited about it. She finished drawing the book in December, 2011, so it's been quite the wait for us. It's a tad bittersweet that she's overseas now and so we won't get to do any events together promoting the book, but so it goes. You should watch her site for info about appearances in France and England, including a Portland-centric gallery show curated by Orbital in London that will feature two pages from A Boy and a Girl  

In the meantime, a few kind words have already been lobbed our way, such as Casey Burchby including us in his round-up of the fall's big comic book releases for the SF Weekly . You can see all his picks online, but he calls A Boy and a Girl:

...a completely disarming take on the world's oldest storytelling trope.

The back cover will also feature a quote by the awesome and talented David Lafuente, whose work on Patsy Walker: Hellcat and Ultimate Spider-Man was a big inspiration to both Natalie and me. 

Jamie and Natalie enter the sci-fi realm to tell a love story full of secrets that echoes Michael Winterbottom. Charming characters, tight plot and beautiful lines. A fantastic book, I couldn't put it down.

Other creator blurbs we've gotten so far include Ben Acker, co-creator of The Thrilling Adventure Hour:

A Boy and a Girl is a wonderful sci-fi romantic comedy, but not necessarily in that order. If you like people and/or things, this is the book for you.

And our pal Michael Allred had this to say: 

I've been a huge fan of Jamie S. Rich's writing since day one and am always crazy excited to see each new project. That excitement is multiplied as he joins Natalie Nourigat's exploding artistic talents on A Boy and a Girl. This book is a beaut'! Incredibly clever and charming, it gets my highest recommendation!
So, you don't have to take our word for it. Those are four big guns right there! 


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