I've been remiss in posting my film reviews for the last couple of weeks, partially because I haven't reviewed any of the major releases (though I did see The Equalizer and found it a bit silly, like a morally self-satisfied Saw movie) and because my reviews slowed while I traveled. I have a stack of 7 discs currently waiting for my perusal.

My current crop of write-ups that you can still catch in Portland theaters and elsewhere...

* The documentary Levitated Mass.

* Portland is becoming a real horror show in advance of Halloween. Here's a list of classic scary movies playing this week.

* Another scary movie, and an all-time fave of mine, is The Innocents, now on Criterion.

* I revisited Captain America: The Winter Soldier on Blu-ray.

From previous weeks...

* Portland hosted two revered X-rated moviesMidnight Cowboy and Last Tango in Paris.* 

* Also, a pair of performance-based documentariesBorn to Fly and Gravity was Everywhere Back Then.

Mike Mignola's take on the Bride.

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