Madame Frankenstein #6 continues to get good reviews. Unleash the Fanboy raves:

Jamie S. Rich is a great writer and really shines with this issue. You face a lot of moral questions that are brought to the surface. It is really fantastic. It, also, gives Vincent a conscience, which is something that we haven’t really seen but now we do get a chance to see that part of the character and now we do.

Megan Levens is a really great artist and gives us the emotional looks and feel for this issue. I really do think that she is someone to look out for because of her ability. Each panel is packed with great stuff and you will see that in this issue.

It is, of course, in finer comic book shops everywhere. You can also download the comic from Comixology or direct from the publisher. Both options are now DRM-free.

I love how the cover turned out. So simple, yet so evocative. Take a gander at Joëlle Jones' black-and-white line art.

Joëlle is a great collaborator and always open to suggestions for what we might be looking for. After the elaborate #4 and #5 covers, I thought something more reserved would not only be fitting, but had some idea of how to capture the mood of this issue.

These posters from the film A Kiss Before Dying came to mind.

As you can see, Joëlle took the inspiration and flipped it around. It's the moment before the violent act, and this time from the man's point of view.

The male gaze, indeed.

Here it is again, as you've likely seen it, with Nick Filardi's colors, as well as an alternate choice that he eventually discarded since the previous issue's cover had been primarily blue.

I think the orange was better anywhere. It burns hotter. More passionate and threatening.

Nick has been awesome to work with, he always surprises us.

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