Broken Frontier not only has several kind words to say about Lady Killer, but they also have some cool process drawings we haven't shared anywhere.

Lady Killer is a true work of love for Joëlle Jones and it shows. Although she’s penciled some of Jamie S. Rich’s scripts before – the Oni graphic novels 12 Reasons Why I Love Her and You Have Killed Me – she’s very much in the driver’s seat on this one.

Inspired by 1960s romance and pulp culture and the works of artists like Pete Howley and Robert E. McGinnis, Lady Killer is a book where the creative fun just leaps off the pages. In our opinion, it’s Jones’s best work to date and another fine example of what great comics originate when a creator gets to do their thing.

Check out the whole shebang here.

Meanwhile, over on the Lady Killer tumblr, anyone remember this throwback Thursday?

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