Wow, this Comics Alliance write-up of Lady Killer is really amazing. 

Annnnnd...they have a full preview of the book's opening sequence. Please check it out.

Followers of Jones’ cartooning and illustration will recognize her fondness for period imagery. Her Tumblr routinely features artwork that calls back to the vintage fashion and pin-up illustrations of mid-century America, and her and Rich’s graphic novel You Have Killed Me dives head-on into the period with more of a straightforward noir approach. But Jones has also demonstrated a penchant for action, particularly in her recent work on Adventures of Superman and the awesomely violent Viking fantasy series Helheim.

With Lady Killer, Jones found a way to synthesize both of her artistic strengths to magnificent effect in a first issue that I had the chance to read. The book is at once adorable, funny, sexy and savage. It’s Americana viewed in a funhouse mirror that calls special attention to details like wallpaper, furniture, the contents of a kitchen cabinet, the way clothes hug a body, and the way a knife sticks out of a corpse. It will be obvious to anyone who reads Lady Killer that Jones relished drawing every page.

In other comics news, the Outhousers give a really swell write-up to The Double Life of Miranda Turner #4.

George Kambadais designs echo Batman The Animated Series, with his clean line work and simple coloring. The sepia toned flashbacks separate them from the present time and when the two time lines are side by side, they’re easy to follow. The panel of Miranda seeing Lindy’s ghost for the first time is genius use of using dialogue to have the reader’s eye create its own sense of motion in a single panel. A small, yet smart design comes from letterer Crank! using blue speech bubbles for Lindy echoing her blue ghost nature. 


This issue is the darkest so far of the short series, but retains the humor and playfulness of previous issues. The mystery is unfolding smoothly, as Miranda gets one step closer to finding her sister’s killer. The Double Life of Miranda Turner is well worth the $0.99 price tag on Comixology, especially if Rich and Kambadais can get this book back on a regular schedule.

In regards to that scheduling, The Double Life of Miranda Turner #5 is set for a January 7 release, the same day as Lady Killer #1 and the day after the first digital chapter of Ares & Aphrodite: Love Wars. So never you fear!

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