As we continue our run-up to the release of Madame Frankenstein #1, here's a new interview with Megan Levens and myself about the book. This time, we talk to Lan Pitts for Newsarama about the themes of the comic, our working relationship, and what the future holds.

We also got a really nice review from the Outhousers:

Megan Levens' art is evocative of early horror movies with generous wide-shots and striking line-work giving depth to each panel. It’s a great team-up by Rich and Levens to see Dr. Krall run a full range of emotions in just a few short panels. I also was a big fan of the language used to really give it the feeling of the late 19th century. The dynamic between Dr. Krall and Gail is compelling as he tries to adjust her to normal life, doing everything he can to create his perfect woman.

Read the whole thing here.

Here's the second half of that page from yesterday, just for kicks.

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