Lots of big things happening in my comic book world this week, so let's do one big post.

May 3 come see myself, Joëlle Jones, and Mike Norton at Zeus Comics in Dallas, TX, to celebrate Free Comic Book Day. If all goes well, I'll have advance copies of Madame Frankenstein #1.

Speaking of, here is another sneak peek of the book. Remember, orders are due to comic shops by this coming Monday, April 14. That's when Image Comics will set the print run. So far, the response has been phenomenal, for which Megan Levens and I both thank you, but please don't hesitate to let your favorite comic book shop know you're interested and encourage them to order heavy. The stronger the start, the better we have to build from.

Image has also added a series page to their website.

Power to the monster! Two panels from Madame Frankenstein #1.

Comixology has the first two chapters of Archer Coe & the Thousand Natural Shocks available as $0.99 downloads. We'll be updating their site with a new chapter every Tuesday and Thursday for the next six weeks, totalling 14 chapters in all, until the whole thing is online. The story was always intended to be serialized online, so reading it this way, you'll get the full cliffhanger effect. 

Subscribe to the whole series.

And don't forget you can order the print version from your local comics retailer.

Check out the Oni Press page for the book.

Digital chapter head for the Comixology version of Archer Coe & the Thousand Natural Shocks.

Dark Horse Presents #35 is on sale next Wednesday, featuring the final chapter of “Integer City.” This is the opening page. I wrote the story, Brent Schoonover created the line art, Jean-Francois Beaulieu colored it, and Crank! lettered it. It was a lot of fun to create, and the response seemed positive.

Check out more stories from the issue, as well as previews of other Dark Horse titles due next week over at Comics Bulletin. 

And e-mail to let them know you want to see this story collected and continued. Mark it “okay to print” if you don’t mind being in their letters column.

Opening page from "Integer City" chapter 6, the big finale, coming in Dark Horse Presents #35, April 16.

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