Multiversity Comics has an in-depth review of A Boy and a Girl.

If anything, the book is perhaps best described as what Before Sunrise would be like if it were a Janelle Monae concept album. That may seem like a somewhat esoteric description, but it fits rather aptly. Throughout the book, there’s a good amount of rhythm and lyricism to it that is undeniable, all wrapped up in a story about how one evening of philosophy and personal interaction/dialogue can be life-changing. The nature of the sequential storytelling create a bit more of an intimate experience than a film or an album can, though, and while “A Boy and a Girl” is perhaps a tale as old as time, it’s presented in a passionate narrative that makes it still worthwhile.

Read the whole thing here.

Note that signed copies of both the regular edition trade paperback and the limited hardcover of A Boy and a Girl are available in the Shop:JSR link above, and Natalie's art from the series is in her shop on this site, as well.

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