After last week's bounty of movie releases, this week's major debuts were pretty lacklustre. I did review a few small things playing locally, however:

A Cinema of Mutual Respect, a double-feature of international experimental cinema.

A Spell to Ward Off the Darkness, a trippy existential exploration of the Scandinavian landscape and mindset.

Winter in the Blood, a compelling indie drama about the Native American experience in the American midwest. 


Equus, a bold adaptation of the modern classic by director Sidney Lumet.

* Master of the House, a charming silent drama from Carl Th. Dreyer.

Paradise: Hope, the final installment of the Austrian Paradise trilogy.

In comics today...

* The fourth chapter of Archer Coe and the Thousand Natural Shocks went online today. Our hero is really in the thick of it now!

* You can also download the complete Liberty collection, featuring all the annuals benefitting the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. That includes the year I edited and wrote for.

You really want to go to a comic book shop and get the hardcover, though. That's a lot of comics to have under one package. Here's the info from Image Comics.

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