Archer Coe is at a loss for words wondering why you haven't ordered Archer Coe & the Thousand Natural Shocks from your favorite comic book retailer or bookstore yet.

Dan Christensen, the artist on the graphic novel, had a big update to his blog today, talking Archer Coe and also other projects. Of note: the fact that the book is going to be serialized on Comixology starting this Tuesday, April 8. Twice weekly updates until the whole thing is done. So, two months of Archer Coe!

This is actually how I originally intended the book to be read. At the time I was writing it, Oni Press had plans to start serializing comics weekly on their website. So, much like A Boy and a GirlI wrote Archer Coe & the Thousand Natural Shocks as series of bite-sized chapters, using the format in a kind of old-fashioned cliffhanger manner. I'm curious to hear what people who read it in this way end up thinking about it!

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