It's finally here. Madame Frankenstein #1 is finally available for folks to read.

I can't thank the fans, critics, and retail community enough for the support this book has gotten. It's been such a thrill seeing people get excited for our series. Megan and I both appreciate it more than we can say.

Megan wrote a little about it herself at her blog, and I am sure she will thank you herself if you head down to her signing at Earth-2 in Sherman Oaks later today. Details in the link, or here on the Facebook event page.

Big Comic Page dropped an awesome review on us last night, too, giving us a 4 out of 5.

If you ever thought Pygmalion would have been improved by Eliza Doolittle being a reanimated corpse, this is the comic for you. As far as I’m concerned, there’s not many stories that reanimated corpses wouldn’t improve, so I’m all over this.

Read the whole thing.

We also got a nice 7.5/10 review from Rhymes with Comics, with Megan's art scoring a full 8/10.

Levens black and white pages look fantastic. The style of this book reminded me of Jeff Smith’s RASL; a shadowy cartoon paired with disturbing, adult imagery. The opening pages alone show Levens’ cinema-influenced scene transitions and designs. As the female creation is awoken, you cen feel the violence of her body jolting with electricity, ‘intercut’ with flashbacks to the accident that killed her. The artwork sets up a unique tone for this book and it is the main thing that will bring me back to check out issue 2. 

You can read that review here.

If those don't convince you, Comic Book Resources has the first six pages previewed, just in case you somehow haven't seen them yet. We're also Tom Murphy's Staff Pick over at Broken Frontier.

If digital is more your thing, here is the issue on Comixology.

Or if you'd rather pick a different file format and get a copy DRM-free, we sell through Image direct.

Now is a good time to thank Image Comics, as well, for their support of the book. Eric Stephenson and his team--Ron Richards, Jenna Savage, Branwyn Bigglestone, David Brothers, Drew Gill, Monica Garcia, Jonathan Chan, Kat Salazar, Meredith Wallace, Jennifer de Guzman, and everyone else--have been super great to work with. They really put their muscle behind us, and we are grateful for the opportunity that provided.

Finally, signed copies are available for cover price in my webstore, check the menu above.

Another shout-out to Zeus Comics and all the folks who came out to see me at Free Comic Book Day. It was a wonderful event, and Zeus are great hosts. Here is a great photo of myself with Joëlle Jones, writer Ian Shaughnessy, and Mike Norton. Aren't we a handsome bunch?

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