We're rounding the corner into our climax on the digital "cliffhanger" version of Archer Coe & the Thousand Natural Shocks. Today chapter 10 went up, that means four more chapters, two more weeks, until the big finale.

If you haven't started yet, now would be a good time to start binge reading so you're right there for Archer to take a bow.

Here is the series page over at Comixology.

By the way, I got a copy of the printed book last week...

It's almost as big as my forehead!

You can't see the lovely spot varnish on the cover in the photo. Jason Storey at Oni Press did a really marvelous job putting it together. As did our editors, Jill Beaton and Robin Herrera.

We still have a few weeks for you guys to get your copies reserved with your comic book retailer so they can have it for you on release day. Since it's a trade and it's printed, Oni Press has done a generous run so the book will last, but even so, all those initial orders count. Here is that order form you can print out and take to them.

You have until May 26!

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