There's still time to jump on Madame Frankenstein. Our fourth issue is the beginning of the second act, and the final order cut-off is Monday. Give you comic book retailer this code: JUN140554.

Don MacPherson at Eye on Comics gave us a 9/10 for our third issue

Madame Frankenstein is a fascinating new spin on the Frankenstein concept. Rich has opted to set it in a different period, and the early 20th-century society that serves as the backdrop is really one of the most interesting characters in the book. Artist Megan Levens brings the time to life adeptly. Her style reminds me a great deal of that of Joëlle (Helheim) Jones, which should come as no big surprise. Jones and Rich are frequently collaborators, and she provides the cover art for this series.

So you know we're doing a good job!

Here's some of what you'll see in #4.

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