Tomorrow is Madame Frankenstein #6 day. And if that weren't enough reason to head to the comic book store, it's also your chance to get the debut issue of Brides of Helheim, featuring art by our cover team of Joëlle Jones and Nick Filardi. Please look at this awesome preview of their comic over at CBR.

Coming Up Comics are all-in for MF. They gave the new issue a 10 out of 10.

You just don’t get stories like this every day. When you do, read them, and then read them again. When they’re this good, this deep, and this enjoyable, you don’t want to skip a moment of enjoying them. Issue by issue, more of the story has been given to us and these characters are more complicated than we had imagined. It’s truly a study on how there is no such thing as being completely bad or completely good, but human.

And for you, the first six pages of #6, just scroll through the gallery below.

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